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The Bam School Podcast is all about Business, Adventure and Mission. Join us as we have great conversation around the intersection of these topics.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Leading with Generosity and Gratitude - James Kwon

    James Kwon, CEO of sharing his story of starting a freelance business that moved into a full-service agency and now runs multiple businesses with millions in combined revenue and leads a team of 20 people. [email protected]     ...


  2. The Indiana Jones of Social Entrepreneurship - Evan "Coach K" Kubick

    Coach K has been involved in social entrepreneurship on multiple continents and 10 countries.  He has a framework that is helpful if you are wanting to impact others no matter where you are doing business.   ...


  3. Connecting Cultures Through Beauty - Liv shares about her adventure launching her own Business as Mission project

    Liv Steffen and her husband Brett Launched Liv Thai to Connect Cultures Through Beauty. They were part of a Business as Mission startup in Chiang Mai, Thailand now live in the states where Liv runs Liv Thai while raising 5 kids. You can find out more at ...


  4. Bob Brown - Wearing Your Faith on Your Sleeve

    Bob Brown talks about his business journey in buying and selling 20 companies and leading his business, American Asphalt Company, as a Christian CEO. ...


  5. The Value of Talking to Strangers & Adding Value

    Talking to Strangers can make you rich if you start by adding value.  This is my first solo podcast and I explore some things that I have been thinking about Talking to Strangers and Adding Value.   In the near future, I want to read both, Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell ...