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The Bam School Podcast is all about Business, Adventure and Mission. Join us as we have great conversation around the intersection of these topics.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Becoming who God made your to be - Adam Jones

    Adam Jones bought a castle in Germany in pursuit of being who God made him to be and fulfilling the call that God had on his life.   He drops all kinds of wisdom bombs throughout the podcast including thoughts on becoming who God made you to be.   You can connect with Adam ...


  2. A Business as Mission Legend - Mike Baer

    Mike Baer is a Business as Mission Legend and uniquely brings together the theology and practicality of Business & Mission.  He is the founder of the Third Path Initiative and resides in the Blue Ridge mountains where he gets to take regular hikes with his wife and Callie the Flag ...


  3. The Scosche Story. The mountains and valleys of business with a strong faith foundation. With Roger & Vince Alves.

    Roger Alves founded Scosche in 1980 in his garage in Ventura, CA. 41 years later they are a multi-national company and the leading phone mount brand in the US and Canada. Roger and his son Vince share the ups and downs of leading a large business with hundreds of employees ...


  4. Doing What You Love With People You Love & Making A Big Difference - Matt Todd

    Matt Todd is a Certified EOS Implementer and owner of PAC Crest Business Engineering. You'll hear his heart to help business owners lead better businesses and build better lives.   THE EOS LIFE (For my Business Owning Clients) Doing What You Love With People You Love Making a big difference Getting Compensated Fairly Having ...


  5. Artist and Adventurer & What the heck is an NFT? - Chris Cohoon

    Chris Cohoon and I have been friends for years since working together in Okinawa, Japan.  He currently works at the Monterey Museum of Art in Monterey California.  He is a great conversationalist and we take time in this conversation to learn a bit about NFT and the intersection of art ...